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Frau benutzt App Digitalisierung Energiewirtschaft noventic group
Frau benutzt App AMR noventic group

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noventic Services for the energy industry

Gaining market share with new business models and making energy supply a positive experience for people through a frictionless smart meter roll-out: both are possible.


  • AMR meters for submetering within apartment blocks

    Recording consumption via submetering: Heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters for secure, maintenance-free consumption recording

  • Multi-metering infrastructure

    Cross-segment consumption data recording

  • Radio-based remote meter reading

    Modern radio-based submetering hardware (heat cost allocators, cold and hot water meters, heat meters) and smoke detectors for sale or hire

  • Broadband powerline

    Broadband powerline technology turns a building’s general power supply system into a fully-fledged IP network and in so doing guarantees a secure, high-availability data stream

  • SMGW with (CLS) smart energy gateway

    As the digital customer interface for applications, services and network protection measures, the SMGW form the secure communication hub for an intelligent metering system

  • Cloud platform

    A platform allows applications to be connected over a standardised interface, so that consumption data recording and operating cost billing can be digitised. Billing processes such as submetering are thereby integrated into your own system landscape.


  • Installation of metering & sensor appliances

    Installation & maintenance of metering infrastructure in residential buildings

  • Multi-metering services

    Cross-segment consumption data recording

  • Billing of consumption and operating costs

    Through both submetering and cross-segment multi-metering

  • Advice, analysis & training courses for self-billers

    Training courses in the technology, software, legal requirements and mobile data recording

  • Billing and contracts service

    The complete billing and contracts service for the customers of our customers, also if there are several service providers

  • Claims management

    All stages of the commercial debt collection process including acceptance of collection mandates

Digital solutions

  • Tenant app

    App for visualisation of energy consumption data: white-label offer facilitating tenant information and retention, as well as complying with the EED requirement to provide consumption information throughout the year

  • Properties benchmark app

    Check out and compare your own property’s energy consumption at all times

  • Submetering applications for self-billers

    Browser-based software solution for the independent consumption-dependent billing of heat and water

For pioneers

Do you want to exploit all of a property’s potential for your business right now? Then your ideal option is a full-service solutions package featuring radio-based consumption recording devices with submetering, smart meter gateway (SMGW) and data platform – all under your own name. Further advantages: Multi-metering offers plus direct contact with customers via the tenant app

Do you have any questions?

Björn Besser Our expert for multi-metering

T +49 40 237 75 772

For DIY enthusiasts

For all those who want to do their own energy consumption billing, not only via smart metering but also through submetering for their customers, a solution featuring AMR technology and self-billing software is the ideal answer.

Do you have any questions?

Stephan Funke Our expert for self-billing experts

T +49 361 26 280-271


Torben Hvidsten

Focusing on the human factor

Investments in modern energy technology or heat insulation will fail to yield the forecast savings if you do not succeed in changing the resident’s consumption behaviour. In a Copenhagen suburb the noventic subsidiary KeepFocus showed how the Cards app could be used to prevent the rebound effect.

Focusing on the human factor: Learn more


Technik & Innovation

Neue digitale Heimat

Rüsselsheim bietet gleich zwei Innovationen für die Wohnungswirtschaft: aus einem ehemaligen Bürogebäude entsteht ein attraktives Wohnhaus. Dabei geht der Immobilienentwickler DIWO gemeinsam mit der noventic group neue Wege bei der Digitalisierung des Wohnens. Sowohl Mieter als auch Vermieter profitieren von dieser Entwicklung – und die Mietinteressenten stehen Schlange.

Thomas Ahlborn

Reading time:8 min
Smart Meter Gateway noventic group


Smart meter roll-out: what are we still waiting for?

The key component for intelligent power supply, for interconnecting buildings and integrating renewable energy into the building’s services is already available to the real estate industry in the shape of the smart meter gateway. Despite this, the roll-out of intelligent metering systems envisaged by the Digitisation Act back in 2016 has yet to happen. Bureaucratic obstacles are to blame.