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Energy-efficient buildings noventic group
noventic group Energy-efficient buildings

5.5M t CO₂ savings enabled in residential buildingsIn the 2017/18 financial year and based on Germany; Sources: „CO2 Trendreport Energie“, 09/2014 & eurostat, 07/2014 & „Heizspiegel 2014“, 03/2015

1,028 Employees across EuropeIn the 2020/21 financial year

8.2M Equipped apartments In unterschiedlichen Leistungstiefen und im Geschäftsjahr 2020/21

Intelligent solutions for climate protection

We are a strong group of successful brands acting independently. Applying our networked solutions and experience gained from seven decades of consumption data recording and metering technology, we make buildings more climate friendly, energy-efficient and economical.


97 million homes with central heating

The industry in Europe is changing, with markets being shaped not only by digitisation but also new legislation. The EED has laid the guidelines for the achievement of national and European climate targets.

Apartments with central heating in Europe eed noventic group

26.9 million

Equipped markets with potential for expansion to other services

35.3 million

Partially equipped markets with potential for expansion to other services

35 million

Markets of relevance for initial equipping

Business model

We turn buildings into digital ecosystems

We create digital applications offering added value, featuring the latest sensor systems and interoperable data platforms. We ensure more transparency and economic efficiency, thereby making the climate targets achievable.


  • Stephan Bause noventic

    Stephan Bause

    CFO of the noventic group

    The technology-neutral digitisation of the building infrastructure is a key lever for economic climate protection and energy-efficient buildings.

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  • Dirk Then

    Dr. Dirk Then

    Managing Director of the noventic group

    Low-investment measures are the key to economic climate protection for climate-smart, energy-efficient buildings.

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Code of Conduct

Guidelines for our business

With our Code of Conduct, we have given ourselves both content and rules that unite two core aspects: on the one hand, our claim to comply with the law – and on the other, our requirements for integrity.

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On a strong footing

Leading specialists combine their knowledge and experience to shape the future of digital real estate and achieve further dynamic growth.

from product development and manufacture

  • Qundis

    Leading international manufacturer of meters and radio systems, made in Germany

  • Strategic investment


    Market leader for smart meter gateways and broadband powerline systems

  • Strategic investment


    Leading smart home provider of smart control solutions for heating and air conditioning systems

through services

  • KALO

    Leading full service provider of metering and billing services

  • Smarvis

    Specialist in end-to-end solutions for self-billing of operating costs

  • IKW

    Experts in contract and billing management

  • imovis

    Competitive meter operator for applications using the Smart Meter Gateway

  • KeepFocus

    Full service provider of metering and billing systems as well as energy management on the Danish market

to platform offers and applications

  • Beyonnex

    Incubator for open and flexible data platforms and residential housing applications


We are reporting for the first time on our 2020/2021 financial year in accordance with the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeits Kodex, DNK).

Download DNK-Declaration (German only)

The production sites of our subsidiaries are certified according to Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and are regularly evaluated by a certified, independent environmental auditor. Our environmental management system thus complies with EC Regulation No. 1221/2009. Our aim is on to reduce environmental pollution and costs – and to improve our innovative strength. ­

Download EMAS certificate


Environmental management officer at QUNDIS Frank Jünemann


Sustainability as a driver of innovation

The Erfurt noventic subsidiary QUNDIS successfully passed this year's review of its environmental management system. The company can therefore continue to bear the "EMAS seal" of the European Union. Since 2015, QUNDIS has been regularly certified with the seal for tested environmental management (EMAS) of the European Union.

Foto Häuser am See noventic group


noventic group invests in PropTech1 Ventures

The noventic group, pioneer of climate-smart real estate, is investing in the venture capital fund PropTech1, the European fund for the real estate industry’s untapped innovation potential. The venture capital fund has enabled the Group to gain systematic access to excellent research on real estate innovation and development trends throughout Europe.