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We’re digitalising living

Services for the housing industry

Taking existing infrastructure into the digital future: providing new services and revenue opportunities for portfolio holders. To increase convenience and transparency for residents. As well as to cut energy consumption and reduce process costs.


  • AMR consumption meter (radio)

    Heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters for secure, maintenance-free consumption recording

  • Radio-based remote meter reading

    Secure delivery of consumption information, interoperable. Either with data collectors and gateway or smart meter gateway, via LoRaWAN or broadband powerline

  • Multi-metering infrastructure

    Cross-segment consumption data recording – a combination of submetering and metering

  • Smoke alarm

    Legally watertight, with or without radio technology

  • Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW)

    Central hub for a secure connection between buildings and the Internet of Things

  • Cloud platform

    Interoperable data platform for all building data


  • Installation of metering & sensor devices

    Installation & maintenance of metering infrastructure in residential buildings

  • Billing of consumption and operating costs

    Through both submetering and cross-segment multi-metering

  • Consumption information throughout the year

    Compulsory from 2020 onwards under the EED

  • Billing and contracts service

    Complete billing and contracts service for the customers of our customers, including with several service providers

  • Claims management

    All stages of the commercial debt collection process including acceptance of collection mandates

  • Advice, analysis & training courses for self-billers

    Training courses in the technology, software, legal requirements and mobile data recording

  • Smoke alarm service

    Legally watertight, from installation to the annual inspection and maintenance of your devices

  • Energy certificates

    For legally watertight letting & sale of real estate

  • Drinking water hazard analysis

    Thorough, regular checks of drinking water for Legionnaires’ Disease

Digital solutions

  • Properties benchmark tool

    Knowing your own properties’ energy consumption and being able to check it via an app at all times lays the foundations for targeted energy efficiency measures

  • Billing solutions for self-billers in the housing industry

    Digital, browser-based software solution for the independent consumption-dependent billing of heat and water

  • ‘Cards’ tenant app

    Multi-stage white-label offer facilitating tenant information and retention, viewing of consumption data and compliance with the EED requirement to provide consumption information throughout the year

Individual services for every need

Housing industry customers appreciate our individual packages of solutions, made possible by leading specialists from the sensor system and metering service fields, operating under the umbrella of the noventic group.

For pioneers

If you are looking to use digital technology to enhance your property’s potential, a package featuring radio-based consumption recording devices, SMGW and a data platform is the ideal solution. Additional benefits include full-service, multi-metering packages and the ability to view consumption information all year round via an app.

Do you have any questions?

Björn Besser KALO Experts in multi-metering

T +49 40 237 75 772

For DIY enthusiasts

For all those who want to bill their properties themselves, a solution featuring proprietary technology and self-billing software is the ideal option.

Do you have any questions?

Stefan Gärtner SMARVIS Self-billing experts

T +49 151 18 06 6232

For efficient people

For those wishing to focus on the core activities for their property we offer full-service metering packages coupled with a legally watertight smoke alarm service, controlled domestic ventilation system and testing of drinking water for Legionnaires’ Disease.

Do you have any questions?

Eckhard Mrotzek KALO Sales Manager

T +49 40 237 75 511


Torben Hvidsten

Focusing on the human factor

Investments in modern energy technology or heat insulation will fail to yield the forecast savings if you do not succeed in changing the resident’s consumption behaviour. In a Copenhagen suburb the noventic subsidiary KeepFocus showed how the Cards app could be used to prevent the rebound effect.

Focusing on the human factor: Learn more


Stephan Kiermeyer wohnungswirtschaft energieeffizienzrichtlinie


Klimaziele und EED: Herausforderung und Wegweiser

The Climate Cabinet will be holding its first meeting this week. This newly created body’s remit is to come up with draft legislation whereby Germany will be able to meet its climate targets for 2030 and 2050. What new legislative initiatives the new Climate Cabinet will actually bring about remains doubtful. Similarly doubtful is whether the federal government will finally make climate protection a priority and swiftly get the necessary measures off the ground. That will also take time. As the Environment Ministry’s climate protection report revealed on publication in February, Germany is not doing enough to achieve the 2020 climate protection targets. To push ahead with ambitious climate protection targets, legislative action will be indispensable. Legal initiatives like the EED were designed to help limit climate change and promote more efficient use of energy. The amended EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) was passed by the EU Council of Ministers at the end of last year. A key component of the new directive is the provision of all-year-round consumption information for residents and the requirement to use radio metering technology for consumption recording. What will the ambitious targets set by the amended version of the EED mean for the housing industry? Is there a need to act? Stephan Kiermeyer, CEO of the noventic subsidiary KALO, answers the most pressing questions.

Technik & Innovation

Neue digitale Heimat

Rüsselsheim bietet gleich zwei Innovationen für die Wohnungswirtschaft: aus einem ehemaligen Bürogebäude entsteht ein attraktives Wohnhaus. Dabei geht der Immobilienentwickler DIWO gemeinsam mit der noventic group neue Wege bei der Digitalisierung des Wohnens. Sowohl Mieter als auch Vermieter profitieren von dieser Entwicklung – und die Mietinteressenten stehen Schlange.

Thomas Ahlborn

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