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Moderne Messeinrichtung noventic group
noventic group Moderne Messeinrichtung

Digitised and independent

noventic Services for metering service providers

Achieve the digital transformation securely and reliably with us while retaining corporate independence: our infrastructure, portal and software solutions ensure that independent metering service providers remain technically up to date at all times.


  • AMR meters

    Heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters for secure, maintenance-free consumption recording through submetering

  • Radio-based remote meter reading

    Secure delivery of consumption information, interoperable: with data collectors and gateway

  • Multi-metering infrastructure

    Infrastructure offers for cross-segment consumption data recording – including certified smart meter gateway

  • Smoke alarm

    Legally watertight devices infrastructure, with or without radio technology


  • Multi-metering services

    Advice on cross-segment consumption data recording

  • Drinking water hazard analysis

    White-label offer for thorough, regular checks of drinking water for Legionnaires’ Disease

  • Energy certificates

    White Label offer for legally watertight letting & sale of real estate

  • Training courses

    Training courses in the technology, software, legal requirements and mobile data recording

  • Claims management

    All stages of the commercial debt collection process including acceptance of collection mandates

Digital solutions

  • ‘Cards’ tenant app

    Multi-stage white-label offer facilitating tenant information and retention, viewing of consumption data and compliance with the EED requirement to provide consumption information throughout the year

  • Solutions for billing consumption and operating costs

    Browser-based software solution for independent billing of operating and consumption costs

For pioneers

Looking to generate long-term business through complete modern solutions? You can achieve that with an automatic remote reading system. Exploit the benefits of fully automated reading, eliminating the need to make appointments with residents, thus making significant personnel cost savings. On request, from reading through to transmission to your system, so that you are ready today to provide consumption information all year round.

Do you have any questions?

Björn Pressler DACH Sales Manager QUNDIS

T +49 361 26 280-0


Torben Hvidsten

Focusing on the human factor

Investments in modern energy technology or heat insulation will fail to yield the forecast savings if you do not succeed in changing the resident’s consumption behaviour. In a Copenhagen suburb the noventic subsidiary KeepFocus showed how the Cards app could be used to prevent the rebound effect.

Focusing on the human factor: Learn more


Parisian houses equipped with AMR consumption meters noventic group


Breaking new ground in trendy neighbourhood

In Paris the French metering service provider Multimat Compteurs has for the first time equipped one of its buildings with AMR consumption meters. The technology needed for the job was provided by noventic subsidiary QUNDIS. The client Multimat Compteurs now wants to install this technology in further buildings. Because it helps the company to simplify and accelerate its processes, and because it helps tenants to avoid inconvenient meter reading appointments.

Smart Meter Gateway noventic group


Smart meter roll-out: what are we still waiting for?

The key component for intelligent power supply, for interconnecting buildings and integrating renewable energy into the building’s services is already available to the real estate industry in the shape of the smart meter gateway. Despite this, the roll-out of intelligent metering systems envisaged by the Digitisation Act back in 2016 has yet to happen. Bureaucratic obstacles are to blame.