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Working together towards the climate-intelligent apartment building

The companies behind the new smart heat solution bring together the best of both worlds. The device manufacturer QUNDIS and the metering service providers smarvis and KALO know the world of portfolio holders and management companies, while the smart home provider tado° is familiar with the world of users and residents. Together, we are creating a leading and trailblazing smart home product for the housing industry. For individual living comfort combined with energy and cost savings.

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The status quo cannot continue: climate protection in apartment buildings must get smart!

Faced with rising rents and the current high energy prices, it is only a matter of time before the debate about limits in residential housing climate protection comes to a head. Clearly climate protection does not come for free. However, often this quickly gives way to the question of who is going to pay for it. The debate over whether tenants or landlords should pay the additional costs is understandable, but fails to get to the heart of the matter. This is also shown by the findings of a recent tenant study conducted for us by Professor Pfnür of Darmstadt Technical University.

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noventic group invests in PropTech company tado°

In the future, the noventic group and tado° will jointly develop smart control solutions for the efficient use of heat energy in buildings. To this end, as one of the leading groups of companies for the climate-intelligent management of real estate noventic will invest in PropTech. As part of an ongoing round of investments noventic and existing shareholders will be investing a total of 38 million euros.