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gets smart

Smart heating in
apartment buildings


Complete control of costs, comfort and energy savings – in the apartment building

Comfort and consumption transparency while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, costs and CO₂ emissions. To achieve this, noventic group companies and tado° are developing an integrated solution for the smart supply of heating to residential apartment buildings. To this end smart building services and products are the ideal complement to smart home solutions.

Our value proposition

Possible without major investments and using existing heating technology:

  • Energy savings in apartment buildings of up to 31%Result of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP from the "Simulation study on the energy saving potential of a heating control with absence detection and weather forecast", IBP Report 527 (2013).
  • For residents: ensuring individual living comfort while also saving energy
  • For portfolio holders: reducing CO₂ levies and increasing property values for minimal effort.

Apartment buildings as climate-intelligent ecosystems

Mehrparteienhauses als klimaintelligentes Ökosystem
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Residents can heat their apartments smartly. Informed. Comfortably.

Greater living comfort and transparency combined with lower energy consumption, via individual and assisted control of the desired temperature in each room.

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Sensors and actuators are networked. Interoperably. Digitally.

Continuously optimised energy supply taking into account both weather data and temperature data for rooms and buildings.

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Portfolio holders are informed about the investment portfolios. Continuously. Accurately.

Reduced repair and maintenance costs and early detection of breakdowns thanks to remote monitoring of the central heating system.

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Individual heating behaviour has a major influence on a building’s energy balance, irrespective of the energy standard of the building envelope, energy sources or technology. With the aid of digital assistance systems we aim to control heating systems optimally, while also ensuring individual living comfort. Accurately for each room. And for every need.

Thomas Ahlborn, noventic
Thomas Ahlborn
Piloten Schulterklappe

Co-pilots wanted!

In pilot properties we are currently testing our hardware and efficiency systems from the smart home sector for use in residential apartment buildings.

In order to meet the many requirements generated by the geographical and structural diversity of German neighbourhoods, during the 2022/2023 heating season we will check our solution via a second, broad-based practical test.

For this purpose we are looking for further pilot propertiesOur goal for the 2022/23 heating season: to sample a wide structural variety of centrally heated buildings..
Please feel free to apply.

Ansprechpartner Projekt Smart Heizen Rico Rademacher

Contact Smart Heating

We will be glad to provide you with further information on our smart heating solution. To find out more please contact:

Rico Rademacher
Tel.: +49 40 237 75 5005



noventic study: the role of the tenant in climate protection in residential housing.

Climate protection in the building sector needs quick successes. A study commissioned by the noventic group on the role of tenants in climate protection shows that tenants are willing to make greater climate protection efforts within their own four walls, provided the cost, convenience and simplicity are right. To achieve rapid CO2 savings, the 1,000 tenant households surveyed showed a high level of acceptance of both the automation of heating and hot water supply and sharing of their own consumption data.

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