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Residents / Tenants

Controlling consumption.
Cut heating costs and CO₂.

Our technology enables residents to accurately determine their consumption at any time, controlling it actively according to their individual comfort needs while also saving energy. In their own homes via smart radiator thermostats or on the move via app. As a result apartment buildings become climate-friendly ecosystems.

1. Full transparency for residents

Our solutions mean that residents can check their consumption throughout the year (CTY) from anywhere via app and actively influence it through their own actions.

  • Heat and water consumption transparent at all times
  • Estimate your own consumption through visualization and comparison
  • Energy-saving tips to reduce consumption costs and cut CO₂
  • Compliant with EU regulations

2. Conveniently optimizing consumption

Smart Heat thermostats are intuitively operable assistants for intelligent and efficient home-based control of energy consumption.Our retrofit fits all systems and ensures optimally air-conditioned rooms and energy savings without major installation and costs.

  • Setting temperatures accurately
  • Integrated open window detection (with no additional hardware on windows)
  • Scheduling support
  • Battery lives in line with the heat meter and water meter calibration periods
  • Can be retrofitted without structural measures thanks to radio transmission
Tado smarter Heizungsregler
Darstellung App für Smart Heat Steuerung

3. Conveniently and individually, anywhere

Smart Heat control via app makes saving energy easy, wherever you are, optionally in combination with the ‘HOME’ app.

  • Information on the indoor climate
  • Controlling temperatures on the go
  • Individual room-by-room scheduling
  • Absence detection via geofencing

Setting the temperature accurately for every room

Schematische Darstellung tado App für smartes Heizen

Smart thermostats set temperatures accurately in each room

Schematische Darstellung Tado App für smartes Heizen 02

Temperature reduction through open window detection, with no additional hardware

Schematische Darstellung Tado App für smartes Heizen 03

Individually adjustable routines for each part of the apartment


Our expert Bardia Rostami will be happy to provide you with more information about our housing industry services.

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Technology & Innovation

Achieving savings with smart thermostats, and sparking the energy transition cost-effectively

Experts and industry stakeholders alike agree that there is huge potential for energy savings in the existing building stock. However, without the professional housing industry the energy and heating transition cannot succeed. To date, though, real estate has lagged dramatically behind on the decarbonisation front, and much greater efforts will be needed to achieve the goal set by politicians of reducing all CO2 emissions to net zero by 2045 in Germany and by 2050 in Europe.

Thomas Ahlborn


noventic study: the role of the tenant in climate protection in residential housing.

Climate protection in the building sector needs quick successes. A study commissioned by the noventic group on the role of tenants in climate protection shows that tenants are willing to make greater climate protection efforts within their own four walls, provided the cost, convenience and simplicity are right. To achieve rapid CO2 savings, the 1,000 tenant households surveyed showed a high level of acceptance of both the automation of heating and hot water supply and sharing of their own consumption data.

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