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Milestone: noventic group publishes second DNK Report

The noventic group's second DNK Report is now available. Once again, all departments involved and the Group's CSR Committee worked closely together to produce a wide-ranging report on the 2021/22 financial year complying with the standards of the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex - DNK). We have had the formal completeness of the report checked and certified by the Office of the German Sustainability Code (Büro Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex).

DNK-Bericht Noventic

Clear strategy for sustainable action

Our sustainability strategy, formulated in the 2020/2021 financial year, is enabling us to realise our aim of integrating sustainability ever more closely into all our business units and activities. In furtherance of our corporate vision of “climate-intelligent real estate management” we have laid down three focal points in keeping with the ESG categories “Environment”, “Governance” and “Social”, identified by the keywords “Climate”, “Intelligent” and “Life”. Our sustainability strategy here is based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We feel particularly committed to eight of the 17 SDGs, and aim to contribute to these through our actions.

Nachhaltigkeitsaktivitäten strukturieren & gewichten

The goal of climate-intelligent control of buildings

As a player in the energy and housing industry we feel a special commitment to a sustainable approach. Through the products and services offered by our subsidiaries and strategic holdings we put in place the prerequisites for individual, conscious control of heating energy consumption, thereby improving buildings’ energy efficiency and cutting their emissions.

Climate-intelligent real estate management is our guiding principle. Through our digital metering and control technology, technology-neutral digital communication infrastructure and other applications, the noventic group makes a  protection in the housing industry.   In so doing we are also contributing to the achievement of the Federal Government’s goals as it endeavours to bring about a virtually climate-neutral building stock by 2045.

Thanks to the comparatively low investment costs, climate-intelligent real estate management also contributes to social sustainability by ensuring affordable housing without compromising a high level of heating comfort.

Sustainability as a common thread in our corporate strategy

noventic's sustainability measures permeate all of the Group's business activities. Responsible use of resources in our own production facilities, increased use of renewable energies, cutting climate-relevant emissions and regular social and societal commitments are just a few examples of our sustainable actions. The Group’s business and financial success lays the foundations for this commitment.

DKN report for download

For certification purposes we documented our performance across the twenty DNK code criteria, plus supplementary non-financial indicators from the four fields of strategy and process management, environmental concerns, employee issues and society, and corporate governance, as well as drawing on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) performance indicators. A detailed description of our sustainability strategy and its implementation can be found as the "DNK Declaration 2022" available to download on the company as well as in the publicly accessible DNK database.

The German Sustainability Code (DNK) is an instrument for voluntary reporting on sustainability by companies, organizations and public bodies in Germany. It was launched by the German government in 2010 and developed by a broad group of stakeholders. Today more than 1000 registered participants are already reporting according to DNK criteria.

To overview

Nelly Bubenheim

Head of CSR, noventic group

Since July 2022, Nelly Bubenheim has been responsible for sustainability in the Group. This includes both the further development of the Group-wide sustainability strategy and reporting on activities and measures in this field.

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