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Sabine Nallinger und Dr. Dirk Then noventic group

The new climate economy

In introducing the European Green Deal, the European Union is pursuing the goal of reducing net emissions of greenhouse gases in the EU to zero by 2050, thereby becoming the first continent to achieve climate neutrality In Germany, the building sector is responsible for around 30 percent of CO2 emissions and thus plays a key role in this project.

How the industry can implement the new requirements economically will be discussed in an interview with Sabine Nallinger and Dr. Dirk Then. Sabine Nallinger is a board member of Foundation 2°, an entrepreneurial initiative aiming to limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees as compared with 1990. Dr. Dirk Then is Managing Director of the noventic group, which has set itself the goal of using digital infrastructures, services and software to record the energy consumption of real estate, create transparency and reduce consumption.

Read on to find out what Sabine Nallinger and Dr. Dirk Then have to say about climate protection and Green Deal EU, digitisation, the real estate industry and buildings.

Climate protection & Green Deal EU


Real Estate & Building