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»Vier Wände. Ein Wort.« im Rahmen des WZT

Diskution über Chancen die EED den Wohnungsunternehmen bringt noventic group

“Agile regulatory framework”

What challenges and opportunities will the EED throw up for housing companies? At the GdW WohnZukunftsTag (Future Living Day) 2021 noventic Managing Director Stephan Bause discussed this issue with KALO Managing Director Frank Reschke and SMARVIS Managing Director Stefan Gärtner.

The amended EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) has been in force since 25 December 2018. A key component of the new directive is the requirement for all housing users to be provided with consumption throughout the year, as well as the mandatory use of radio metering technology for consumption recording. Member states of the EU are obliged to implement the EED’s requirements in national law by 25 October 2020. Despite the deadline, implementation in Germany, within the framework of the Heating Costs Ordinance, is currently still pending.