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Konjunkturpaket Klimschutz Klimainetlligente Gebäude

Stimulus package: opportunity for climate-smart buildings?

Discussions over recent weeks have shown that, alongside Covid-19, familiar issues such as climate protection, digitisation and integrated energy have not gone away. The protective measures taken against the pandemic in recent months have created new impetus, for instance the federal government's stimulus package. What does that mean for the climate-smart transformation of our building stock?

We have read with great interest as relevant and important issues have been identified and addressed, and action implemented For example, the CO2 building renovation program is set to be beefed up, and the digitisation of municipal authorities further boosted through the stimulus package. Those are aspects which, if efficiently implemented, can help to counteract the investor-user dilemma, by linking climate protection in the real estate sector with economic opportunities.

A second glance makes clear that we must raise our game: individual measures must be more openly structured to ensure that they can be fully effective at regional level. For example, why does the promotion of energy-reducing renovation work focus on non-residential municipal buildings? Why is no consideration given to the buildings held by municipal building societies? Moreover, terms such as “interoperability of digital devices” should be more clearly defined so that the central focus of support measures is on European standards.

Some things remain unclear: we fear that too many restrictions already exist. However, from our perspective as a digitaliser of buildings, there also exist great opportunities now to pursue our ordained path with renewed energy and impetus. The stimulus package can also release new strength for the necessary climate protection measures, by promoting the climate-smart transformation of our building stock.