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Bild Wohnzimmer effiziente Wärmeenergienutzung noventic group

noventic group invests in PropTech company tado°

In the future, the noventic group and tado° will jointly develop smart control solutions for the efficient use of heat energy in buildings. To this end, as one of the leading groups of companies for the climate-intelligent management of real estate noventic will invest in PropTech. As part of an ongoing round of investments noventic and existing shareholders will be investing a total of 38 million euros.

New offers for real estate companies
The aim of the partnership between the noventic group and tado° is to develop new solutions for the efficient supply of heating and cooling to residential properties. This is specifically aimed at providing the housing industry with a set of instruments to pave the way for both climate-neutral buildings and affordable housing.

Geschäftsführung Bause und Then noventic group
noventic Managing Directors Stephan Bause and Dr. Dirk Then

The noventic group offers technologies for consumption data collection, data infrastructures and platform solutions as well as residential applications. Now the two companies are joining forces to further refine tado°’s intelligent home climate management products for use in the professional housing industry. Noventic is thereby expanding its own value chain to include the smart control of heating systems and air conditioning systems. In future housing companies will thus be in a position to allow their residents in multi-family houses not only to check their own consumption, but also to control it themselves in a needs-based and energy-efficient manner via smart thermostats and an app.

“We create low-investment solutions for the housing industry in order to reduce energy consumption and ancillary housing costs and thus sustainably improve the carbon footprint of real estate”

Digitisation and energy savings in the housing industry
The housing industry in Europe comprises more than 50 million residential units, while the buildings sector in Germany is responsible for around 40 percent of annual energy consumption. Accordingly, the real estate industry is under particularly strong political pressure to make energy consumption much more efficient through new technologies. The EED, which makes it compulsory to provide all tenants with consumption information throughout the year, as well as the CO2 levy introduced in Germany at the beginning of the year, are two examples of concrete regulatory measures and new incentives for investment in energy efficiency technology.

Smarte Steuerungslösungen zur wärmeeffizienten Energienutzung noventic group

“PropTech solutions for the commercial housing market”
“This strategic investment will enable us to combine our expertise in the collection of consumption data with tado°’s control products, thereby expanding our portfolio of solutions to include intelligent climate control,” says Stephan Bause, Managing Director of noventic.

“We are creating low-investment solutions for the housing industry in order to reduce energy consumption and ancillary housing costs, thus sustainably improving the carbon footprint of real estate,” summarizes noventic Managing Director Dirk Then.

“The partnership with noventic will provide impetus for new PropTech solutions for the commercial housing market," says tado° CEO Toon Bouten. “As a leader in the field of intelligent home climate management, tado° is in an excellent position to bring our energy-efficient solutions to bear in this rapidly changing marketplace.”

Through intelligent climate management solutions for the home, tado° and the noventic group are making a contribution to greater real estate energy efficiency, especially in the housing sector.