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Training group stretches
Training group stretches

Looking back at the
fiscal year 2018/19

About us

Even in times of Corona:
We need new solutions for energy-efficient buildings and better climate protection.


Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt, CEO of the noventic group

Key figures from the last financial year

  • 5,5 M t

    enabled CO₂ savings in houses Fiscal year 2017/18 and related to Germany; Sources: „CO2 Trendreport Energie“, 09/2014 & eurostat, 07/2014 & „Heizspiegel 2014“, 03/2015

  • 894


  • + 12,5 %

    Sales increase

  • 1,8 M

    Apartments under contract

  • 3,7 M

    Appliances sold

  • 8 M

    Installed metering points


Milestones of our corporate group

  • 2016

    Restructuring of the corporate portfolio

    Strategic investment in Power Plus Communications AG (PPC). With the purchase of KeepFocus
    Denmark, we add tenant apps for visualising consumptions and energy management systems to the groupwide range of solutions.

  • 2016/17

    Sale of the energy-supply division

    Clear focus on measuring-, billing- and visualisation solutions within the existing shareholdings KALO and ikw.

  • 2017

    Expansion of competence within the group

    The international manufacturer of meters and metering system QUNDIS and the leading selfbilling provider SMARVIS become part of our group.

  • 2018

    Certification SMGW

    The PPC Smart Meter Gateway becomes the first to achieve BSI certification. The intelligent metering system now has a secure communications centre: the smart meter rollout can begin.

The EED: EU-climate targets

  • 2018

    New rules due to EED

    The amended EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) enters into force and changes subsequently the framework conditions for the building automation.

  • 2020

    More transparency within buildings

    From now on only remotely readable meters and heat cost allocators may be installed. In addition, providing residents with consumption information throughout the year will be obligatory where remotely readable metering technology is already in use.

  • 2022

    Monthly consumption information

    Tenants in properties with remotely readable metering technology must be provided each month with up-to-date consumption information.

  • 2027

    New measurement technology becomes standard

    All properties must be equipped with remotely readable metering technology.


  • Cards App

    Our intelligent ecosystem full of possibilities.

  • Cloud

    Connecting the dots – platform for neatless exchange of all building data.

  • Smart Meter Gateway

    Interface between building and Internet of things.
    Technology-independent. Secure. Interoperabel.

  • Heat cost allocator

    Robust sensors meeting the Open Metering standard.


  • Digitisation of living space smart building noventic group

    New digital home

    Rüsselsheim is currently offering two innovations for the housing industry, as an attractive residential building emerges from a former office block. For the project real estate developer DIWO has joined forces with the noventic group to break new ground in the digitisation of residential space. Both tenants and landlords will benefit from this development, and people interested in renting there are forming a long queue.

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  • Environmental management officer at QUNDIS Frank Jünemann

    Sustainability as a driver of innovation

    The Erfurt noventic subsidiary QUNDIS successfully passed this year's review of its environmental management system. The company can therefore continue to bear the "EMAS seal" of the European Union. Since 2015, QUNDIS has been regularly certified with the seal for tested environmental management (EMAS) of the European Union.

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  • Parisian houses equipped with AMR consumption meters noventic group

    Breaking new ground in trendy neighbourhood

    In Paris the French metering service provider Multimat Compteurs has for the first time equipped one of its buildings with AMR consumption meters. The technology needed for the job was provided by noventic subsidiary QUNDIS. The client Multimat Compteurs now wants to install this technology in further buildings. Because it helps the company to simplify and accelerate its processes, and because it helps tenants to avoid inconvenient meter reading appointments.

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Panoramic view Hamburg noventic group
Panoramic view Hamburg noventic group

Our fiscal year 2018/19


The Hamburg-based noventic group offers products and services which lay the foundations for climate-intelligent real estate. The noventic brand embraces reputable manufacturers and service providers all of whom
are leaders in their specific lines of business. The group is divided into two segments: Manufacturing and Service. Both segments are run by the management holding company noventic GmbH.

The Service segment has secured further market share through the purchase of the metering service company memo-royal Ch. Mittendorf GmbH and the billing service company Jens Schmidt GmbH, as well as Neotech Srl in Italy.

The companies in the noventic group operate independently, and offer their own products or services tailored to the needs of their respective customer bases.

Manufacturing segment

  • QUNDIS GmbH (QUNDIS) is the leading international manufacturer of meters for recording heat and water consumption. Its customers are metering service providers and OEM customers (Siemens, Honeywell).
  • Power Plus Communications AG (PPC), in which we have a strategic investment of 14%, provides the smart meter gateways (SMGWs) and broadband powerline communication systems which form cornerstones for the digitisation of the energy transition. Its customers are energy supply companies.

Service segment

  • KALORIMETA GmbH (KALO) offers full services in the field of consumption recording and billing of energy, plus energy-related housing management services. Its customers are principally housing associations and real estate managers. KALO also offers the municipal utilities target group white-label solutions in the field of submetering.
  • KALORIMETA International GmbH (KAI) offers its comprehensive range of services on the international market. After the recent acquisition of the service provider Neotech, from this financial year onwards the company will also be active in Italy.
  • SMARVIS GmbH (SMARVIS) is a leading player in the field of digital end-to-end self-billing solutions. Its customers stem from the housing industry and the municipal utilities sector.
  • KeepFocus Europa GmbH & Co. KG (KeepFocus Europa) is the leading cross-segment real estate data platform and applications partner.
  • ikw Service GmbH (ikw) acts as the contract and claims manager. Its customers stem from the energy and housing industries.

Abstract: If you are interested in the complete report please order your printed copy at the bottom of this page.


Digitisation and legislation are the chief factors determining the noventic group’s market, specifically the passing of EU Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency. This is because the implementation of European and domestic climate targets in the real estate sector fosters the need for low-cost and digital solutions designed to increase energy efficiency, particularly in the major existing building stock market. Accordingly the market environment can be expected to remain positive.

These factors are augmented by the sustained demand for greater climate protection and more affordable living space. Indicators of this include the international Fridays for Future movement, the creation of a Climate Council, the formulation of a climate package in Germany, the heated public debate on the issues of shortage of living space, rent caps and real estate expropriations, as well as the enduring construction boom in most of Germany’s major cities.

Digitization and technology innovations
In Germany, the noventic group’s core market, the business model is being transformed by growing digitisation and the associated growth in the use of a communication-enabled appliances infrastructure. The installation of
affordable and efficient networked infrastructure in the building (for metering, submetering, smart building and smart home), data platforms and intelligent applications for metering, control, billing and communication in the real estate industry thus determine the current market developments.

After the successful certification of PPC’s Smart Meter Gateway in December 2018, the SMGW of a second manufacturer is set to be certified by the Federal Office for Information Security. Once a third independent SMGW manufacturer has been certified, the legally required nationwide roll-out can get under way in Germany.

Data and platform economy
The technological transformation and associated growing availability of building data is the driver of current market movements. The classical market in metering services has thereby been further opened up, and new providers are exploiting this path into the established metering, metering point operation and energy billing lines of business. Moreover, cloud computing and data platforms will make it easier to establish purely digital business models in the market.

Abstract: If you are interested in the complete report please order your printed copy at the bottom of this page.

Economic Report

Thanks to the know-how of its strong, independently operating subsidiaries QUNDIS, KALO, KAI, SMARVIS, ikw and KeepFocus Europa, as well as the strategic investment in PPC, with its 894-strong workforce (previous year 750), in 2018/2019 the noventic group generated across Europe consolidated sales revenue of 227.2 million euros (previous year 201.9 million euros.)

To date the group as a whole has equipped a total of 8.2 million residential units, to varying degrees of service depth, with a range of both products and services.

The net assets, financial position, and results of operations shown in noventic’s consolidated financial statements reflects the entire group. Thanks to numerous positive developments we have registered strong progress as compared with the previous year. The initial consolidation during the course of the 2018/2019 financial year of newly acquired metering service companies represents a boosting of our service segment which has led to a significant increase in our share of the distributed market in metering services.

In addition, the establishment of the KAI sub-group on the European market through the purchase of an Italian metering service provider represents a first step towards the internationalisation of our full-service offer.

Abstract: If you are interested in the complete report please order your printed copy at the bottom of this page.

The noventic group’s

  • CEO & Management Board Chairman noventic group Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt

    Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt

    CEO & Management Board Chairman of the noventic group

  • Director noventic group Service Segment Andreas Göppel

    Andreas Göppel

    Director of the noventic group Service Segment

  • Director noventic group Industry Segment Rupert Paris

    Rupert Paris

    Director of the noventic group Industry Segment

  • Director KALO Stephan Kiermeyer noventic group

    Stephan Kiermeyer

    Director of KALO

  • Director SMARVIS Frank Reschke

    Frank Reschke

    Director of SMARVIS

  • Director QUNDIS Volker Eck noventic group

    Volker Eck

    Director of QUNDIS

Our mission within the last fiscal year

Pioneering technology and services for people, economy and climate.

  • Climate.

    One of the federal government’s targets is a climate-neutral building stock by 2050. To achieve this, the nation’s building stock will have to become more energy-efficient. Alongside the modernisation of building envelopes and energy technology, with the aid of technology-independent digitisation of building infrastructure, an important lever lies in the low-investment sphere.

  • Intelligent.

    Through the networking of sensor systems with platforms and smart applications, digitisation facilitates the linkage of buildings and people with the Internet of Things (IoT). For the real estate industry this generates a ‘digital dividend’: added value through digitisation creates capacities for new business models.

  • Living.

    With the advent of digitisation residents’ expectations change. Whereas 20 years ago landlords’ ways of doing things prevailed across the board, today tenants want digital communication to be used for their interactions with landlords, so that they can be kept informed and in contact at all times via apps.

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noventic group Geschäftsbericht 2018/2019

noventic group
Annual Report 2018/2019

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